Dialogue Team

Our Dialogue team is in charge of finding contributors, editing content, and compiling each issue. We are very proud of the work that they put into the publication!

Our Editors:

Editor in Chief – Rory Daniels

Managing Creative Editor – Guste Rekstyte

Features – Salome Gongadze

Debate – Cedric Dreyer

Emerging Securities – Alberto Polimeni

Assistant – Oskari Vaaranmaa

Britain – Edward David

Assistant – Robert Adderley

United States – Roshan Panesar

Assistant – Jasper Williams

Europe – Caroline White

Assistant – Grace Hanson-Eden

Americas – Grace Avila Casanova

Assistant – Lucas Lopes

China – Wendy Wan

Assistant – George Lam

Asia – Holly Campbell

Assistant – Costanza Greppi

Middle East & Africa – Yukti Gopal

Assistant – Yasmine Safwat

Society – Zuzanna Nogalska

Assistant – Flaminia Luck

Assistant – Leon Solve Mossing Knudsen