All year orientation and networking project:

The idea for this new project would be to introduce our members to a new career path every month, from political journalism to international affairs, governmental functions or even entrepreneurship; through interviews.

A week before the event, the name of the speaker will be revealed, and our members will have the opportunity to send us their questions through private messages on social medias.

The interviews will be recorded and posted each month.They will always start with general questions, where the guests can introduce themselves, present their career path, talk about their experiences, and give general advice on how to get into these fields, followed by our members questions.

The aim is to give students an overview of what it means to work in governmental functions, think tanks embassy … and an idea of how to maximise their change to get to it.

Featured Post

Our first guest: Alexandre Holroyd

Alexandre Holroyd is since 2017 the deputy for French people in northern Europe. Former student of King’s college, LSE and Sciences po Paris, Mr Holroyd is a true specialist of european affairs, working at the commission for european affairs and closely with the United Kingdom to preserve the relationship between France and the UK.

It’s with great pleasure that we can start this new project, starting on the field of governmental position with a former KCL student!

Thanks again to Mr Holroyd for answering our questions. A really rich and interesting interview combining information and advices on both the role of Mp and the field of European functions. Go check it out!

For now we are working around the issue to post the video directly on here. Otherwise you will soon be able to see it on Facebook! You can download the zip-file here, which leads you directly to the video:

Latest Posts

How Popular Protest Protects the Policy Space

Written by: Nicholas Accattatis Governments, in democracies at least, strive to concoct a mixture of policies which reflect the public will and satisfy their diverse interests to the greatest possible degree. Thus, people taking it upon themselves to protest – sometimes violently – is strong evidence to suggest that their government is not fulfilling this … Continue reading How Popular Protest Protects the Policy Space

QUESTIONING VALUES: How NBA’s support of Hong Kong clashed with the Chinese Government

Written by: Stanislaw Borawski     In 2018 alone the National Basketball Association managed to generate $8 billion dollars in revenue, which puts it at the pedestal of sports industry next to the NFL, MLB and the NHL. Each one of the 30 teams is worth at least $1 billion, with the New York Knicks topping … Continue reading QUESTIONING VALUES: How NBA’s support of Hong Kong clashed with the Chinese Government

Controlling the masses

Written by: Dimitra Grancharova When we imagine a protest, more often than not, we think of a fight against the status quo, a social movement demanding change. But what if this is not the case? What if the showcasing of disagreement with something has been carefully orchestrated to fit someone’s particular interests far from the … Continue reading Controlling the masses

Corruption Kills: How Central and Eastern Europe are Rising Up Against Corruption

Written by: Vlad Adamescu The end of 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the collapse of communism in Europe. In 1989, peaceful protests throughout the Warsaw Treaty states (except for the bloodbath in Romania in December 1989) brought down the totalitarian systems imposed by Soviet armies following WWII. However, the past few years have been … Continue reading Corruption Kills: How Central and Eastern Europe are Rising Up Against Corruption


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