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Our new “Issue 23: Human Rights – A million steps with open eyes” is out now, enjoy reading and feel free to leave comments below to evoke an interesting discussion!

What is new about Issue 23?

We are proud to announce that the launch of this year’s Dialogue is a continued our rebrand to what has been done before! The entire magazine has been given a modernised update to 2021 design. We really wanted to make this Issue more inclusive and diverse, in both what we have featured, who and how. By creating a more lively magazine, politics is more and more moving away from the stereotype that good political journalism is found in dry scientific journals. We want to bring interesting and highly factual stories to you, so you have the perfect overview of what is going on in the world. То achieve this, we have widened our inclusivity with regions covered and expanded also into cultural subjects that are intertwined with politics.

From the creative side, we have two amazing KCL-based Artists Amalia Hajieva and Niece Prayoonrat that have some of their work published inside. As well as our creative editor Yvonne Haberlach who also designed the cover for our new issue!

A note from our editors is that we have introduced this time a policy-briefs section, whilst having left our book recommendations out this time!

Sorry! All older editions have not been preserved online.

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