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Our new “Issue 21: Protest” is out now, enjoy reading and feel free to leave comments below to evoke an interesting discussion! We have an added Europe Section from this Issue, that you will find on the home page.

Letter about our latest issue:

Dear Readers,

We are finally back with our latest issue of the Dialogue, dedicated to the wave of “protests” that has shocked the world in this past year. Our team has worked really hard to ensure and maintain the Dialogue’s high quality standards.

We are deeply sorry for the delay in the publication of the “Protest” edition. Unfortunately, this has been an extremely difficult period for everyone. With Covid-19 disrupting the normal conduct of uni life, the whole Dialogue team had to adapt to a constantly changing situation. With our team scattered across the globe, forced into lockdown, and facing an unprecedented global event, it has proven to be very difficult to coordinate and respect our publication schedule.

For this reason, we had no other choice but to postpone the publication of this latest issue. As the idea behind the topic of the “Protest” issue was thought of at the end of 2019 it might not seem as relevant right now. However, we believe that the stories that you will be able to read in the articles maintain their consistency with the present. In fact, despite the pandemic, the world has continued to witness an incredible and often unprecedented amount of protests, with the Black Lives Matter Movement being one of the most relevant ones, but not the only one.

This issue was the product of our amazing 2019-20 dialogue team. The new members of the 2020-21 committee are now dedicated to providing a top-quality work both in the Dialogue and in the many events we will be hosting next year.

We therefore hope that you will still enjoy this edition and that the issue’s articles will be of great interest to you.

The KCL Politics Society Committee

Sorry! All older editions have not been preserved online.

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